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DOVES & EAGLES Volunteer Program
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Monday, August 24, 2015






Volunteer Program


Dedicated Outstanding Volunteers Entering to Serve (DOVES)


Enthusiastic Awesome Guys Leading Everyone to Serve (EAGLES)




St. Elmo faculty and staff members along with the Parent Advisory Council (PAC) would like to invite and encourage all of our parents and grandparents to participate in our volunteer program, DOVES & EAGLES. Volunteers make a difference in the lives of our children.




St. Elmo Elementary’s Mission is built on a foundational principle of collaboration between the school, parents, and community.




The mission of St. Elmo Elementary is to provide students with a quality education in a safe and nurturing environment. Students will be successful learners who will graduate from high school and become responsible, productive citizens through self-discipline and guidance from parents, school, and community.




If you can assist in any of the following areas, identify how you would like to provide support. Please complete the contact information below. We would like to thank you in advance for supporting our children.




_____Assist with building gazebos and/or garden planters


_____Assist with landscaping/yard work


_____Assist with gardening project


_____Assist with crafts/projects that can be completed at home (coloring, sorting, stapling, etc.)


_____Assist with copy room activities (copying, laminating, cutting out letters, etc. at school)


_____Assist with “read alouds” for individual students or whole classes


_____Assist students with Accelerated Reader tests


_____Assist in the library


_____Assist with duty free lunches for teachers


_____Provide “One – on –One” tutoring with students using flash cards (sight words, letters, numbers,


         multiplication facts, etc)


_____Provide dirt, mulch, vegetables plants and/or lumber


_____Assist with publishing students’ final writing products for display


_____Assist with special events (class parties, field trips, Spring Fling, etc.)


_____Assist with decorating for special events


_____Assist with photography needs






Parent Name _____________________________ Student Name ___________________________




Contact Number _________________________  Teacher’s Name _________________________








Day of the Week:




_____Monday   _____Tuesday   _____Wednesday   _____Thursday   _____Friday




Time of Day: _______________________




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