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First Day of School
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Monday, August 07, 2017
Parent Information

Welcome Back Cougar Cubs!

We are so excited for this new school year! 

Here are a few notes to make our first morning run smoothly. Students will report to the gym in the morning.  The bell will ring at 7:45 a.m. and students will be released to go to their classrooms.  Breakfast is served in the classrooms.  If our Pre-K and Kindergarten parents are planning to walk their student in on the first day, please be careful when parking and walking across the parking lots.


Car Line Procedures (also noted in the parent/student handbook)

Morning:  The safety of our children is our top priority. Parents who drive children to school will proceed through the north side parking lot and around the oak trees. Cars will remain in line on the side of the school until directions are given to drive to the front for unloading. Then cars will move in the order of arrival to the outside car lane. Be sure to follow the directions of staff members. Duty personnel will signal you when it is appropriate to dismiss your child/children from the vehicle. Students will exit the car in an orderly fashion and follow the directions of our staff members. Students must exit the vehicle as soon as the duty personnel indicate the appropriate time. Therefore, be sure to have your child/children prepared and ready to exit. During the morning and afternoon, traffic on McDonald Road becomes congested and dangerous. If your child/children is/are not prepared to exit the vehicle, you will be directed to circle back through the car line.

Afternoon: Parents, who pick children up from school, will proceed through the side parking lot and around the oak trees. Cars will follow in order of arrival into the four car lanes in the front of the school. Do not block the entrance to the school, or the bus lanes under any circumstance. Parents/guardians are required to follow the directions of staff members who will provide instructions for proceeding from the side parking lot to the front parking lot. Cars must follow the interior lane closest to the oak trees.  Upon arriving at the front of the school, all drivers must turn off car engines and remain in the car, or beside the driver’s door before students will be released. Parents must remain in the car, or beside the driver’s door at all times. Parents are not permitted to wait for children on the sidewalks or near the school buildings. All car riders must be picked up through the car line. Until the car director releases them, children must remain seated with staff members. If parents and/or guardians arrive after duty personnel have been dismissed in the afternoon, children must be signed out in the office.


Classroom Assignments are Tentative


There may be a need when we must balance class rolls.  Therefore, we may have to move students to different classes after the first several days of school.


School Snacks

Students are invited to purchase snacks each morning.  If a student is tardy, they will miss the opportunity to purchase snack.

Chips $.50                       Ice Cream $1.00          Water $1.00


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