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Pre-K Registration
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Tuesday, January 30, 2018
Pre-K Registration
Pre-K Registration
Now through March 26th


Alabama’s Voluntary Pre-K Program


Alabama’s nationally recognized First Class Pre-K
is preparing for another exciting school year!

Pre-Registration is from January 15 to March 26, 2018.

Acceptance is strictly through random drawing to be held on March 28, 2018 at 8:30 St. Elmo Elementary School. Parent/Guardian does not have to be present at drawing. Notices will be emailed beginning April 16th.


Go online to to complete the Pre-Registration section.

For more information visit and see Pre-Registration Info under First Class Pre-K.


• Accepting online pre-registration applications for 2018-2019 school year (for assistance with
accessing online application contact local school/program)
• Enrollment open to all children four years of age on or before 9/1/18 who are residents of the
state of Alabama (children who are eligible for kindergarten are ineligible)
• Enrollees must provide a copy of the child’s birth certificate if your child is selected to confirm
appropriate age for selection (Do not upload birth certificate)
• Enrollees must provide proof of residence – either a current utility bill or copy of a lease or
mortgage if your child is selected to confirm residence for program participation
• Public school system pre-k programs may have zoning requirements that determine eligibility to
attend a program at a particular school (contact school for information)
• No Registration Fee for this program
• Upon enrollment, child’s immunization record must be provided
• No child will be denied participation on basis of income, sex, race, color, national origin, or disability


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